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Rehabilitation of moving activity and nervous-muscular coordination at defeats of the central nervous system after Skorbun-Zverev method: removal of spasticity, atonic muscles tone restoration, accelerated record of base movements in a memory 

"Center of VS-adaptation", conditions of a course passing after 01.01.2019

Duration of a course is 7 days, with a one day of a rest after 4-th or 5-th days of trainings, 1.5 hour per day. A minimum interval between courses is 1 month.
The cost of a course is 750 EUR for child and 1000 EUR for adult.

The work outside of Russia for dealing with a group of 2-6 persons is possible.
The cost of a course includes the expenses on the air tickets, hosting, a visa plus 1250 EUR for one person.
The cost of a refresher course of training do not changed.

2. It is possible the variant of payment according to outcome.

We understand, that the described capabilities of a method sound fantastically and are perceived with disbelieving, especially by the one who has tried all modern methods. But we are assured in effectiveness of our method and agree on obtaining of work payment only after receiving of prescribed outcomes.
In this case the aspects of a patient state, that determine a quality of life, and which it is desirable to improve are described. For example:
- Elimination (or considerable decrease) of spasticity. The outcome is the arbitrary motions appearance, or positive decision of a commission of experts.
- Normalization of a tone of atonic muscles.
- Elimination of contractions.
- There is a conclusion about necessity of surgical operation on lengthening of tendons, elimination of legs crossing. The outcome of a work - necessity for operation is disappeared.
- There is a conclusion about desirability of SDR operation, installation of the Baclofen-pump, taking of Baclofen. The outcome of activity - cancellation of the prescription.
- The qualitative change of a state - as a result of our activity the patient starts to creep, to serve itself during meal, capability to walk with support is appeared, etc.
The assumed payment should be adequate to a put problem.

We spend the analysis of a state, we estimate a capability of obtaining of a positive outcome, an assumed quantity of courses and if the offered payment conditions correspond to complexity of the work, the contract is made. In a case when according to our estimation many courses is required, the payment of intermediate outcomes, that have a principle meaning, can be made. In a case if the wishful positive result will be achieved even after first course contracted amount will not change.

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