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Rehabilitation of moving activity and nervous-muscular coordination at defeats of the central nervous system after Skorbun-Zverev method: removal of spasticity, atonic muscles tone restoration, accelerated record of base movements in a memory 
We are therefore looking for investment partners.

We are inviting partners-investors to join our development on the given directions: organization of production of the physical therapy training device and a creation of rehabilitation center. Also in that center we will organize further development of our method and will teach experts from other rehabilitation centers to use our method.
Except for purely moral aspect of escaping for millions of people from suffering, the use of our technique can provide some benefit.
It is easy to foresee selection of those who must make an expensive surgical operation or spend all their life in a wheelchair.
Now only in Russia there are about 10 millions invalids, significant part of them are potential patients for our method of rehabilitation. In USA about 500000 persons suffering with Cerebral Palsy.
The cost of rehabilitation procedures in various centers in Russia and abroad changes from 50 $ up to 500 $ per day.
We estimate that the training device will cost between US$500 to US$2,000 - 3,000 (in different modifications).
The qualified specialist can effectively work with three to five patients at the same time during 1.5 hour session. And, that is a duration of session in the heaviest cases.

The efficiency of our method is easy to see. As a first step, experts can be acquainted with our videofilms which we have on some of our patients which were made before and after training. From those videos it is easy to understand how fast and essential the changes are. So you can obtain your own opinion we will organize a therapy course with 5-10 of your patients. Previously they should be inspected. To determine the dynamics of their condition, experts make an examination right after the course and later after 1-2 months.

Our method is rather simple; and it can be introduced into any rehabilitation center that works with patients suffering from neurological disorders.

Sergei Skorbun
director Vasia,ltd

B-52, Troitsk, Moscow r-n, 142191, Russia e-mail: